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Next Steps: Confidence in Gun handling Class

Thursday April 22, 2021 TIME: 5:30pm – 8:30pm.

This class will be held to a small number of students (limit is 10) so that each individual student in our small group will receive a lot of personal attention. This is primarily a physical class (even during the "classroom" portion) as it is meant to build from the knowledge you already have by developing good gun handling skills through instruction and repetition of dry fire drills to take you step-by-step to building repeatable actions and processes. We will learn a variety of gun handling skills such as Speed Reloads, Tap/Rack/Assess, recoil mitigation, and more while integrating and refining those with the fundamentals of pistol shooting. Each dry fire drill will build upon the last in a logical sequence designed to give you the confidence needed to handle your firearm skillfully. We will also learn how to clear the common types of jams that can occur when using a handgun. We will be using your gun with inert "dummy" rounds to set up and clear jams in a dry fire environment. Each student will also receive dry fire drills to take home to help them sharpen their skills and maintain the skills they have learned.

Once the 90 minute dry-fire portion is complete, We will be heading into the range to put the skills we learned in class to use with your gun. We will live-fire for 90 minutes using the new skills. There will be significant repetition in both the dry-fire and live-fire portions of this class to ingrain your new skill set. We highly recommend that you bring your gun to class, but if you cannot, you may use our gun (Ruger 22/45 semi-auto .22 cal). Course cost $80/student (Discount Price!)

Our next class will be Thursday April 22, 2021 TIME: 5:30pm – 8:30pm. If you will be utilizing your own gun, please bring ammo (150 Rds). Please use a case, bag or container to bring your GUN AND ALL MAGAZINES UNLOADED. Bring at least two magazines for your handgun (3 is preferred) or two speed loaders for your revolver.

You can sign up by calling Pam Walton at 330-334-0509 or using the PayPal Buttons on our website.

Gift Certificates Available

Give the Gift of safety. Purchase a Gift Certificate for our CCW class to be given to that special someone. Cost is $75.00. You can use the PayPal button to the right to purchase or call me at 330-334-0509.

News: Gov. DeWine signs House Bill 614

House Bill 614 has been signed into law and this allows anyone to apply in any county for their CCW until June 2021. It also allows for renewals to occur at any sheriff's office and extends their expired CCWs.
More details available here

Why Take Your CCW Course with Walton and Associates

Take our class to qualify for your ccw licenceDeciding on where to take your CCW training is an important decision. CCW training not only helps you meet Ohio’s requirements for acquiring a license to carry a concealed weapon, it  prepares you to safely handle and employ a firearm.

Possessing and using a firearm is an awesome right and responsibility and our NRA certified and state-recognized Instructors will teach you how to safely and effectively use a firearm in a variety of environments and situations.

We have structured our class so that beginners and experienced shooters alike will learn valuable information pertaining to firearm safety and self-defense.

Our classroom setting will allow you to handle, examine and inspect handguns in a variety of styles and types from a variety of manufacturers. In a safe unintimidating environment.

Why Get a CCW License

In the State of Ohio anyone wishing to carry a concealed handgun must apply for and receive a license.  Possessing a concealed handgun without a license is classified as a felony under current state law and is punishable by fines and imprisonment.  That's a heavy price to pay for arming and protecting yourself.  So if you're going to carry a weapon do it legally and safely. 

One of the prerequisites for acquiring a CCW Permit is undergoing approved training by a certified instructor. Training includes 6 hours of classroom instruction and 2 hours of practical application in the form of live weapons fire at the pistol range.

Why Apply Today

Mark teaching the Concealed Handgun Carry ClassClasses are filling up fast. Classroom space and range space are limited. Classes are kept small to ensure an optimal learning environment for all students. Call today to sign up (330) 334-0509.


Classroom Training will be conducted at:

The Holiday Inn Akron West, 4073 Medina Rd., Akron OH 44333 • 844-216-1517

Range (and some classroom) Training will be conducted at:

Range 42 (formerly The Marksman) - Norton, 3017 Barber Rd, Norton, OH 44203

Gun Cleaning Class

Discover Church, 1825 Reimer Rd. Wadsworth, OH 44281