About Us

Mark S. Walton, President 

Mark Walton, President Mr. Mark Walton is Vice President of Walton and Associates, and has been involved in sales, marketing and training for over 20 years. Mark was raised in a law enforcement/military family and from a young age taught to safely use and handle firearms. Mark has also been involved in competitive shooting and marksmanship for a number of years.

Mark is an NRA Certified Instructor and has been involved with Ohio's CCW instruction since the law's inception. Mark has completed NRA CCW instructor training which builds on his foundation of military and law enforcement tactical firearms training.

Pam Walton, Instructor

Pam Walton Mrs. Pam Walton is responsible for registration and day-to-day administration of the Walton and Associates Firearms Training Division. Pam holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Communications from the University of Akron. Pam is an avid shooter and marksman, as well as, an NRA Certified Instructor for NRA Basic Pistol and NRA First Steps.

Max K. Walton, Founder

Max Walton, Founder Mr. Max Walton, founded Walton and Associates in 1976 as a Management Consulting Firm; specializing in conducting Training Seminars for Industry and Government. Max has been involved internationally in training over 20,000 people at all levels of the corporate organization in over half of The Fortune's Top 100 Corporations.

Prior to his career in consulting, Max began his career in law enforcement in rural Ohio. Max's experiences in law enforcement began a lifelong love of firearms and tactical shooting.  Max is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and has been instructing CCW classes since Ohio passed it's CCW laws.