I was one of the attendees in your CCW class that was conducted in January of 2011. This is to express my appreciation for the manner in which Mark conducted the seminar. His approach was clear and concise throughout the class. Mark made himself very approachable if one needed to ask a question and showed himself to be a patient and gracious listener when questions arose. He certainly reached out to convey the subject matter at a level everyone could understand and made sure that egos did not belong inside his classroom.

Speaking for myself, I've attended many classes and seminars in my life time and I honestly have to say this is the first class I've attended where my attention never once strayed from the subject at hand. To experience that in a classroom seminar lasting ten hours was quite an amazing experience for me. Mark did a fantastic job with his presentation and proved himself to be a excellent instructor.

For any individuals that have a potential interest in obtaining CCW certification, I recommend they consider Walton & Associates to gain the necessary training. Mark's classroom skills along with his administrative skills at the shooting range earned him a big thumbs up from this former student.


Dave H. Medina, Ohio


Please thank your husband for me for helping me with my shooting practice tonight. I did not expect to be so nervous while shooting a gun for the first time and Mark was incredibly kind & patient with me.

You were both great to work with!


Mark and Pam-

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent course. Your professionalism was very evident from the beginning and right through the last hour. The respect and knowledge you have for the serious responsibility in owning a weapon reminded even a long time enthusiasts like me that there is much more to it than most people are aware. The moral burden alone should keep one forever at his best. Thanks again to both of you.

-Ken Young

Dear Mark & Pam:

Thank you for putting on a most informative and professional "Basic Pistol Shooting" Class.  Mark, your presentation was far beyond my wildest expectation.  It is quite obvious that you both are truly concerned with shooting as a sport and as a method of self defense.  Thank you ,also, for being patient with me having to shoot with my left hand because of my right shoulder operation.  Now that I know that my dominant eye is my left eye I may continue to shoot left handed!

In conclusion, please do not hesitate to use me as a reference for the high quality, professional learning experience that your class was.

Warmest Regards,

Dave Weigand

Dear Mark and Max,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you did at the CCW class that I attended.  Having been involved in shooting sports for a number of years, I was shocked at the amount of new information that I learned.  The clear, concise manner with which you both teach is a testament to your passion for the subject matter and your rich experience as trainers and educators.

I am going to encourage my wife and her friends to take the class too, you provide a great environment for all men and women of all skill levels.

Thanks again gentlemen and keep up the excellent work!


Frank Geric

Pam & Mark,

We just wanted to extend our thanks to you for a truly enjoyable, educational experience.  Speaking for myself, I left feeling far more comfortable about pistols and about my ability to protect myself.  Although my carry will be limited, I am so very thankful to have experienced training with you.  We will recommend your class to anyone who seeks their CCW.

Thank you!

Christina & Mike

The professionalism of the presentation far exceeded my expectations.  My overall evaluation is excellent. Although I have carried a gun for 50+ years,this was time well spent. I can comfortably recommend this course.

-Former Police Detective and alumnus of the February 2008 class.

Anonymous Comments from Evaluations

"No improvements necessary -- the instructor made me feel very comfortable.  A good speaker, very knowledgeable." - student February 2008 class.

"The course is good to go as is - presentation made the materials effective-safety was very thorough.  Thank you Mark" - student January 2008 class.

"Instructor is a Pro. Excellent course, instructor was extremely knowledgeable." - student January 2008 class.

"I thought the instructor did a very nice job.  He covered a large variety of weapons and was a very knowledgeable instructor.  Mark again a thanks alot for your time and expertise, it was much appreciated!" - student January 2008 class.

"I have never owned a handgun, this course was an outstanding "basics" course that address all of my needs.  Mark did a great job." - student January 2008 class.

"I've been around firearms most of my life and I learned new things in this class, I'm very pleased." - student January 2008 class.

"I thought that all the major issues were covered...Explanations of the parts and uses a firearms, the description and recommendation of various firearms, were also very helpful. I appreciated Mark Walton's knowledge and experience in the field.  Thank you!" - student January 2008 class.

"The hands-on experience was the most viable to me.  Being a beginner, the course was a great foundation to build off of." - student January 2008 class.